well this is my tumblr. my name is anthony, im 24, i live in queens, ny. ill post what i want, usually pointless stuff, if you dont like it, dont look.

so heres a little bit about who i am and what i like...

-i love all types of music, mainly rock though.
-i love sports, i want to be a sports writer. my favorite teams are the yankees, rangers, giants and knick
-i love to play me some video games! i have an xbox 360, if you want my gamertag hit me up =P
-i like girls lol. girls with that "emo/scene" look really get me going. i like girls in hats too, idk why lol
-zombies rule
-i have 7 tattoos and plan on getting plenty more. i have my ears and lip pierced and used to have my collar bones pierced but they eventually got rejected =(
-im the cutest/nicest guy youll ever meet, so come say hi =)

-if you wanna know anything...theres the ask button. ENJOY! OH and i follow back =)

-none of the photos belong to me, unless otherwise stated.
-some stuff might be NSFW +18, just a warning...